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A Fast-Evolving Landscape For Official Statistics: How To Respond To The Challenges?

In April 2022, during its annual Conference, the IAOS has formally established the “Krakow Working Group” whose aim is to contribute to the collective reflection on the challenges that our “datafied” societies pose to Official Statistics.

The SJIAOS is launching a virtual discussion on the issues raised in the editorial. The main points arising from this discussion will constitute useful inputs to the deliberations of the Group.

The Krakow Working Group will report on advancement of its work at the IAOS Conference in Zambia in April 2023 and the ISI Congress in Ottawa in July 2023.  It is expected that the Group will be able to present recommendations to be widely disseminated in the second half of 2023.


The positive and negative aspects of 'standardisation in statistics'

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Official Statistics is a platform for individuals and institutions in the field of Statistics in all parts of the world.

Its main component is The Statistical Journal of the IAOS, the flagship journal of the International Association for Official Statistics. The main aim of the journal is to support the IAOS mission by publishing articles to promote the understanding and advancement of official statistics and to foster the development of effective and efficient official statistical services on a global basis.


Pieter Everaers
Pieter Everaers