The 15th discussion: Implementering the Sustainable Development Goals

Progress meta overview

The 15th discussion invites to react to the statement that official statistics, on the one hand, have greatly benefited in strong support for developing new methodologies and indicators, a renewed governance of the statical system, etc. but the other hand is confronted with unrealistic expectations concerning several other indicators, the impossibility of finding/collecting required data and their implementation in general and regional coverage.



Success, failures, challenges and opportunities for official statistics in the development and implementation of the global indicator framework for the Sustainable Development Goals and targets of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development’

The leading question to the discussion is ‘did the challenge of developing the indicators for the Sustainable Development Goals give a boost to Official Statistics or was it a burden?’ What were the successes, failures and more specifically the challenges, obstacles and opportunities

The readers are invited to either react with supporting or disagreeing arguments to this reflection, examples of successes, failures and suggestions on how to tackle challenges