Discussion Platform

The ISI World Statistics Conference, the IAOS conference and journals like the Statistical Journal of the IAOS, are the traditional platforms where views on new developments and important issues in Official Statistics are exchanged. However, conferences occur only a few times per year, journal issues are released maybe four times per year and typically only reach specific interest groups. This new online discussion platform of the SJIAOS will be an opportunity for anyone working or interested in Official Statistics, to contribute to topical discussions, at your own convenience.

Every three months a new discussion item

With each issue of the Statistical Journal of the IAOS a new discussion topic will be launched via a leading article. Statements from this article will then invite you to post your opinion and arguments. Each discussion will run for a year and be closed with a concluding commentary by the article author(s). When fully up and running (after four journal issues) there will be four different discussions topics open for your contribution at any time.


‘Good Data are Used Data’; the 20th SJIAOS Discussion

Good Data are Used Data


The 19th discussion: What qualities are needed by statisticians to achieve top leadership positions?

What qualities are needed by statisticians to achieve top leadership positions? Reflections on the top leader's panel discussion at the 2023 ISI WSC in Ottawa


The 18th discussion: Are Data Scientists Going to Replace Statisticians?


The 16 and 17th discussion: The impact of Artificial Intelligence on Official Statistics


The 15th discussion: Implementering the Sustainable Development Indicators


The 14th discussion: How can official statistics find a way out the fog


A Fast-Evolving Landscape For Official Statistics: How To Respond To The Challenges?


Closed: The positive and negative aspects of ‘standardization’ in official statistics

Though the internationale harmonized statistical standards are the backbone of modern official statistics it seems justified to question if the indicators based on the use of ‘harmonized international standards’ are sufficiently valid for cross-national comparisons.


Closed: Inclusive Official Statistics:Measuring difficult to Measure population groups


Closed: The demand and format of Training in Official Statistics

The Statistical Journal of the IAOS, Volume 37/3, on ‘New Developments in Training in Official Statistics’  discusses in 22 manuscripts the recent trends in training in official statistics.


Closed: UN Fundamental Principles for Official Statistics

A suitable and current self regulatory instrument or an outdated ‘paper tiger’?


Closed: Misuse of Statistics. Time to Speak Out.


Closed for discussion: Successes and challenges of regional cooperation and capacity development in Statistics

The four “discussion starter” statements of the sixth discussion are based on experiences from Asia-Pacific countries as reflected in the special section on the Asia-Pacific Statistics week in Volume 36/4 (click here).


Closed For Discussion - Official Statistics in the context of the COVID-19 crisis - Part 2


Closed for Discussion - The Future of Economic Statistics

This discussion will focus on the four inter-related and mutually reinforcing building blocks of the emerging new statistical business model for economic statistics: outreach and user consultation; statistical framework; institutional and statistical operations, and data stewardship; and statistical infrastructure and data solutions.


Closed for Discussion - Pre-release Access in a World that Changes


Closed For Discussion - The need to elaborate official statistics in the future


Closed For Discussion - Population censuses; are statistical dinosaurs able to adapt?


Closed For Discussion - Official Statistics in the context of the COVID-19 crisis - Part 1

This special discussion on the SJIAOS discussion platform focuses on the roles of Official Statistics in the context of the COVID-19 crisis


Closed for Discussion - How to achieve the SDG Global Indicator Framework?