Editorial Board


Pietro Gennari
International Association for Official Statistics
Rome, Italy
E-Mail: gennari.sjiaos@gmail.com 

General Editors

Pieter Everaers
International Association for Official Statistics
Salzburg, Austria
E-Mail: pevssjiaos@gmail.com 

Stephen Penneck
International Statistical Institute
Sutton, UK
Emphasis area: Organisation of Official Statistics, dissemination, quality, economy, new development, SDG’s, IAOS history
E-Mail: stephen.penneck@gmail.com

Kirsten West
International Association for Official Statistics, U.S. Census Bureau
Washington, DC, USA
Emphasis area: Difficult manuscripts from the quality of grammar and general theme
E-Mail: kwestiaos@gmail.com

Emeritus Editor-in-Chief

Technical Editor

Kim Willems
IOS Press
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
E-Mail: k.willems@iospress.nl 

Emphasis Editors

Qasem Alzoubi
Jordanian National Data Center for Science and Technology
Irbid, Jordan
Emphasis area: Censuses and surveys and new methodologies, social and financial statistics
E-mail: qasemsz53@outlook.com

Dario Buono
Eurostat, European Union (EU)
Emphasis area: New Technologies and Techniques (NTTS), seasonal adjustment, outlier identification and treatment, inferential statistics, measure of uncertainty, data skills, and machine learning
E-mail: dario.buono@ec.europa.eu  

Victor Alfredo Bustos
National Institute of Statistics and Geography of Mexico (INEGI)
Aguascalientes, Mexico
Emphasis area: Population and social conditions (methodology and new developments)
E-mail: alfredo.bustos@inegi.org.mx 

Jillian Campbell
Monitoring, Review and Reporting Unit, Implementation Support Division Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity
Montreal, QC, Canada
Emphasis area: Environmental statistics, environmental accounting, biodiversity
E-mail: campbell7@un.org 

Fernando Cantu-Bazaldua
United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)
Vienna, Austria
Emphasis area: Governance in international Official Statistics
E-mail:  F.CANTU@unido.org 

Eileen Capilit
Africa Centre for Statistics, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Emphasis area: Price statistics, Purchasing Power Parity, economic statistics, system of national accounts, statistical business registers and enterprise data
E-mail: ecapilit@yahoo.com 

Elisabetta Carfagna
Department of Statistical Sciences, University of Bologna 
Bologna, Italy
Emphasis area: Statistical methods and applied academic statistics
E-mail: elisabetta.carfagna@unibo.it 

Jose Luis Cervera Ferri
DevStat Servicios de Consultoría Estadística
Valencia, Spain
Emphasis area: ICT, information society and digital economy statistics, fishery statistics, regional statistics, technical assistance to developing countries
E-mail: jcervera@devstat.com

Oliver Chinganya
Africa Centre for Statistics
United Nations Economic Commission for Africa
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Emphasis area: Capacity Development and Statistical Governance, Africa issues, SDG’s
E-mail: chinganya@un.org 

Jean-Pierre Cling
INSEE, Institut National de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques
Montrouge, France
Emphasis area: Cooperation and Capacity Development in Statistics
E-mail: jean-pierre.cling@insee.fr 

Michele Connolly
International Group for Indigenous Health Measurement 
Columbia, MD, USA
Emphasis area: Special population groups, indigenous people, inclusiveness
Email: michelebabb@verizon.net 

Olivier Dupriez
The World Bank
Washington, DC, USA
Emphasis area: Data documentation, metadata standards, microdata curation, dissemination, and protection, data management
E-mail: odupriez@worldbank.org 

Jean-Michel Durr
CAOS Consulting
Montrouge, Île-de-France, France
Emphasis area: Population and Housing Censuses, social statistics, agri censes
E-mail: jmdurr@ymail.com 

Jessamyn Encarnacion
United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women)
New York, NY, USA
Emphasis area: Gender statistics, strategic and managerial issues, income, consumption, and poverty statistics, demographic and social statistics, well-being, quality of life measures
E-mail: jessamyn.encarnacion@unwomen.org

Pirmin    Fessler
Austrian Central Bank
Vienna, Austria
Emphasis area: Income and Wealth Distribution Statistics, survey methodology and measurement
E-mail: Pirmin.Fessler@oenb.at 

Peter Hackl
Vienna University of Economics and Business
Vienna, Austria
Emphasis area: Methodology and quality, governance and ethics, European Statistics
E-mail: peter.g.hackl@gmail.com 

Gemma van Halderen
Department of Social Services (DSS), Australian Government
Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Emphasis area: Strategic and managerial issues of official statistics/Ethics
E-mail: gvhcox@tpg.com.au 

Hossein Hassani
Webster University
Vienna, Austria
Emphasis area: AI and ML, Big data, new methodologies, forecasting
E-mail: hassani.stat@gmail.com

Ivo Havinga
Department of Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations Statistics Division, United Nations Secretariat
New York, NY, USA
Emphasis area: National Accounts, environmental accounting, UN issues, international organizations
Email: ivohavinga@outlook.com 

Daniel Hopp
Geneva, Switzerland
Emphasis area: Network analysis, artificial intelligence, nowcasting/forecasting, new methodologies and techniques in general
E-mail: daniel.hopp@un.org 

Ashish Kumar
Department of Mathematics & Statistics, Manipal University Jaipur
Jaipur, India
Emphasis area: Reliability modeling and analysis, sampling theory, stochastic processes
E-mail: ashish.kumar@jaipur.manipal.edu 

Steve Mac Feely
Director of Data and Analytics, World Health Organization
Geneva, Switzerland
Emphasis Area: Governance, forecasting, SDG’s, ethics and UNFPOS
E-mail: macfeelys@who.int 

Asta Manninen
Statistical Journal of the International Association for Official Statistics
Helsinki, Finland
Emphasis area: Dissemination and General and Regional Statistics (population and social conditions, current important themes in general) 
E-mail: asta.m.manninen@outlook.com 

Angela Me
United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
Vienna, Austria
Emphasis area: Drugs statistics, crime statistics, criminal justice statistics, victimization surveys
E-mail: angela.me@un.org 

Kate Michalopoulou
Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences
Athens, Greece
Emphasis area: History of Official Statistics Survey methodology (issues of probability sampling applications, non-response and attitude measurement) and classifications (unemployment)
E-mail: kmichal@panteion.gr 

Hernan Daniel Munoz
FAO: UN Food and Agricultural Organisation, Sapienza University
Rome, Italy
Emphasis area: Governance, reform and modernization of statistical offices, strategical planning, statistical capacity development, NSS coordination, good statistical practices, quality assurance and international relations
E-mail: hernandaniel.munoz@uniroma1.it

Per Nymand-Andersen
European Central Bank
Frankfurt, Germany
Emphasis area: Central Bank Statistics, Communication, Data Science, Fintech and alternative data sources
E-mail: percannes@googlemail.com 

Francesca Perucci
Policy and Partnerships, Open Data Watch
Washington, DC, USA
Emphasis area: Development data and SDG indicators, gender and social statistics, demographic statistics, household surveys, open data, data governance
Email: francesca.perucci@gmail.com 

John Pleis
National Center for Health Statistics
Hyattsville, MD, USA
Emphasis area: Multi-level modelling, small area estimation, statistical modelling, statistical theory, health statistics
E-mail: JPleis@cdc.gov 

Megan Price
Human Rights Data Analysis Group
San Francisco, CA, USA
Emphasis area: Human rights
E-mail: meganp@hrdag.org 

Aurel Schubert
Vienna University of Economics and Business
Vienna School of International Studies
Vienna, Austria
Emphasis area: Government Finance Statistics, National Accounts
E-mail: aurel.schubert@kabelplus.at 

Denise Silva (Britz do Nascimento)
Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Emphasis area: Methodology, social surveys, inferential statistics, human resource management in statistics
E-mail: denise.silva@ibge.gov.br 

Amani Siyam
Department of Health Systems Development, World Health Organization
Geneva, Switzerland
Emphasis area: Health statistics, epidemiology and biostatistics, social statistics, demographic statistics
E-mail: siyama@who.int 

Rosanna Verde
Department of Mathematics and Physics
Università della Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”
Caserta, Italy
Emphasis area: Data Science, classification and prediction methods
E-mail: rosanna.verde2@gmail.com 

Kieran Walsh
Department of Statistics ILO, Statistical Standards and Methods Unit
Geneva, Switzerland
Emphasis area: Labour statistics, Labour Force Surveys, Household Surveys
E-mail: walshk@ilo.org 

Michael Yang
NORC, University of Chicago
Chicago, IL, USA
Emphasis Area: New methodologies, survey methodology
E-mail: Yang-Michael@norc.org 

Linda Young
United States Department of Agriculture
Washington, DC, USA
Emphasis area: Agricultural statistics, Methodology
E-mail: ljyoung999@gmail.com 

Wesley Yung, PhD
International Cooperation and Methodology Innovation Center, Statistics Canada
Ottawa, ON, Canada
Emphasis area: Methodology and techniques, North America issues, high level group issues
E-mail: wesley.yung@canada.ca