Editorial Board


Pietro Gennari
International Association for Official Statistics
Rome, Italy

General and Interview Editor

Pieter Everaers
International Association for Official Statistics
Salzburg, Austria

General Editors

Stephen Penneck
International Statistical Institute
Sutton, United Kingdom

Kirsten West
International Association for Official Statistics

Emeritus Editor-in-Chief

Technical Editor

Kim Willems
IOS Press
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Emphasis Editors

Qasem Alzoubi
Jordanian National Data Center for Science and Technology, Jordan
Emphasis area: Social and Financial Statistics
Email: qasemsz53@outlook.com

Dario Buono
Eurostat, European Union (EU)
Emphasis area: New Technologies and Techniques (NTTS)
Email: dario.buono@ec.europa.eu

Alfredo Bustos
National Institute of Statistics and Geography of Mexico (INEGI)
Aguascalientes, Mexico
Emphasis area: Population and Social Conditions
Email: alfredo.bustos@inegi.org.mx

Jilian Campbell
Secretariat on the Convention on Biological Diversity
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Emphasis area: Environmental Accounting and Statistics, Biodiversity
Email: campbell7@un.org

Fernando Cantu-Bazaldua
UN Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)
Vienna, Austria
Emphasis area: Governance in international Official Statistics 
Email: f.cantu@unido.org

Fernando Cantu-Bazaldua
UN Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)
Vienna, Austria
Emphasis area: Governance in international Official Statistics 
Email: f.cantu@unido.org

Eileen Capilit
Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Mandaluyong, National Capital Region, Philippines
Emphasis area: Price Statistics, Economic Statistics
Email: ecapilit@yahoo.com

Jose Luis Cervera
Valencia, Spain
Emphasis area: Technical assistance, information society and digital economy statistics, fishery
Email: jcervera@devstat.com

Oliver Chinganya
Africa Centre for Statistics
United Nations Economic Commission for Africa
London, United Kingdom
Emphasis area: Capacity Development and Statistical Governance
Email: chinganya@un.org

Jean-Pierre Cling
Institut National de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques (INSEE) Paris,
Emphasis area: Cooperation and Capacity Development in Statistics
Email: Cling.jean-pierre@orange.fr

Michele Connolly
Special Populations Editor
Columbia, MD, USA
Emphasis area: Special Population Groups
Email: michelebabb@verizon.net

Jean-Michel Durr
CAOS Consulting
Montrouge, Île-de-France, France
Emphasis area: Population and Housing Censuses
Email: jmdurr@ymail.com

Olivier Dupriez
Deputy Chief Statistician, WorldBank
Washington DC, USA
Emphasis area: Metadata, Standards, Microdata Curation, Dissemination
Email: odupriez@worldbank.org

Jessamyn Encarnacion
Interregional Advisor Gender Statistics, UN Women
New York, USA
Emphasis area: Gender Statistics, Income, Consumption, Poverty, Wellbeing
Email: jessamyn.encarnacion@unwomen.org

Pirmin Fessler
Austrian Central Bank
Vienna, Austria
Emphasis area: Income and Health, Survey Methodology
Email: pirmin.fessler@oenb.at

Peter Hackl
Vienna University of Economics and Business
Vienna, Austria
Emphasis area: Methodology and Quality
Email: peter.g.hackl@gmail.com

Gemma Van Halderen
United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
Bangkok, Thailand
Emphasis area: Strategic and Managerial Issues of Official Statistics/Ethics
Email: gemma.vanhalderen@dss.gov.au

Hossein Hassani
Institute of Energy Management and Planning (RIEMP), University of Tehran
Tehran, Iran
Emphasis Editor - Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data Research
Email: hassani.stat@gmail.com

Ivo Havinga
United Nations Statistical Division
New York, USA
Emphasis Area: Business Statistics and International Trade Statistics, Macro-economic Accounts, Change Management
Email: ivohavinga@outlook.com

Daniel Hopp
UNCTAD, Geneva, Switzerland
Emphasis Editor - Network analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Nowcasting/Forecasting 
Email: daniel.hopp@unctad.org

Ashish Kumar
Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Jaipur
Jaipur-303007, India
Emphasis Area: Reliability Modelling and Analysis, Sampling Theory, Stochastic Processes
Email: ashish.kumar@jaipur.manipal.edu

Steve MacFeely
Director of Data and Analytics, World Health Organization
Geneva, Switzerland
Emphasis Area: International trade statistics, Development
Email: macfeelys@who.int

Asta Manninen
Statistical Journal of the International Association for Official Statistics
Helsinki, Finland
Emphasis area: Dissemination and General and Regional Statistics
Email: asta.m.manninen@outlook.com

Angela Me
Research and Trend Analysis Branch, UNODC
Vienna, Austria
Emphasis area: Drugs, Crime, Criminal Justice, Victimization Surveys
Email: angela.met@un.org

Kate Michalopoulou
Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences
Athens, Greece
Emphasis area: History of Official Statistics
Email: kmichal@panteion.gr

Hernan Daniel Munoz
FAO: UN Food and Agricultural Organisation, Sapienza University
Rome, Italy
Emphasis area: Governance in Official Statistics
Email: hernandaniel.munoz@uniroma1.it

Per Nymand-Andersen
Goethe University
Frankfurt, Germany
Emphasis area: Central Bank Statistics, Communication, Data Science, Fintech and alternative data sources
Email: percannes@googlemail.com

Francesca Perucci
Open Data Watch
Washington DC, USA
Emphasis area: Development Data, SDG indicators, Gender and Social Statistics, Household Data Sources
Email: francesca.perucci@gmail.com

John Pleis
National Center for Health Statistics, USCDC
Maryland, USA
Emphasis area: Multi-level modeling, Small Area Estimation, Health Statistics
Email: jpleis@cdc.gov

Megan Price
Human Rights Data Analysis Group
San Francisco, CA, USA
Emphasis area: Human Rights
Email: meganp@hrdag.org

Aurel Schubert
Department of Economics, WU Vienna
Vienna, Austria
Emphasis area: Government Finance Statistics/National Accounts
Email: aurel.schubert@kabelplus.at

Denise Britz do Nascimento Silva
Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Emphasis area: Methodology
Email: denise.silva@ibge.gov.br

Armani Siyam
Department of Health Systems Development, World Health Organization
Geneva, Switzerland
Emphasis area: Health Statistics, Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Social statistics and Demography
Email: siyam@who.int

Rosanna Verde
Department of Mathematics and Physics
Università della Campania "Luigi Vanvitelli"
Caserta, Italy
Emphasis area: Data Science and Classification and Prediction methods
Email: rosanna.verde2@gmail.com

Kieran Walsh
Department of Statistics, ILO
Geneva, Switzerland
Emphasis area: Labour Statistics, Household Surveys
Email: walsh@ilo.org

Michael Yang
NORC, University of Chicago
Chicago, IL, USA
Emphasis Area: Survey Methodology; Statistical Disclosure
Email: Yang-Michael@norc.org

Linda Young
United States Department of Agriculture
Washington, DC, USA
Emphasis area: Agricultural Statistics/Methodology
Email: ljyoung999@gmail.com

Wesley Yung
International Cooperation and Methodology Innovation Center, Statistics Canada
Ottawa, Canada
Emphasis area: Science, Technology and Digital Society
Email: wesley.yung@canada.ca