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Editor in Chief
Pieter Everaers

General Editors
Kirsten West
Steve Penneck

Emeritus Editor-in-Chief
Fritz Scheuren

Technical Editor
Kim Willems

Interview Editor
Nancy Torrieri

Discussion Platform Editor
James Whitworth

Emphasis Editors

Qasem Alzoubi, Social and Financial Statistics
Lisa Bersales, Managerial Issues on Official Stats, Human Resources
Luigi Biggeri, Economic Statistics and Prices
Dario Buono, New Technologies and Techniques (NTTS)
Alfredo Bustos, Population and Social Conditions
Jose Luis Cervera, Technical assistance, information society and digital economy statistics, fishery
Oliver Chinganya, Capacity Development and Statistical Governance
Michelle Connolly, Special Population Groups
Jean-Michel Durr, Population and Housing Censuses
Fazel Famili, Methodology
Jaume Garcia, Economic Statistics
Peter Hackl, Methodology and Quality
Gemma van Halderen, Strategic and Managerial Issues of Official Statistics/Ethics
Hossein Hassani, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data Research
Ivo Havinga, Business Statistics and International Trade Statistics, Macro-economic Accounts, Change Management

Daniel Hopp, Network analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Nowcasting/Forecasting
Arthur Kennickell, Methodology and Non-traditional Data
James Lynch, Crime and Victimization
Steve MacFeely, International trade statistics, Development
Asta Manninen , Dissemination and General and Regional Statistics
Kate Michalopoulou, History of Official Statistics
Hernan Daniel Munoz, Governance in Official Statistics
Jennifer Parker, Population and Social Conditions/Health and Data Quality
Santanu Pramanik, Population and Social Conditions
Megan Price, Human Rights
Nidal Rashid Sabri, Economy and Finance
Aurel Schubert, Government Finance Statistics/National Accounts
Denise Silva, Methodology
Michael Yang, Survey Methodology; Statistical Disclosure
Linda Young, Agricultural Statistics/Methodology
Wesley Yung, Science, Technology and Digital Society
Elena Zarova, General and Regional Statistics/Ecomonic statistics