Juan Carlos Gálvez


Jorge Fernadez Calatrava, Lasai Barreñada and Juan Carlos Gálvez were awarded the 2nd prize in the 2022 IAOS Young Statisticians Prize competition with their manuscript: Timeliness reduction on Industrial turnover index based on Machine Learning algorithms.

This manuscript will be published in the Statistical Journal of the IAOS, Vol38 (2022), issue 4.


warded the 2nd prize in the 2022 IAOS Young Statisticians Prize competition (with Lasai Barreñada and Jorge Fernadez Calatrava)

Invited to make a statement on Young Statisticians/Official Statistics Juan Carlos stated:

I am glad of having been given the opportunity by the IAOS to share our ideas about how machine learning can be used to improve timeliness in official statistics. This competition allows young statisticians to propose any idea about official statistics without limiting the creativity or the audacity of the contestants.

During the making of the paper, we learned about official statistics and machine learning and shared many interesting ideas among the team and with our mentors in the methodology department, whose ideas and advice were priceless.



In this adolescence, Juan Carlos was especially interested in economics and forecasting, which led him to study for an undergraduate in economics and finance. During the process, he realized that this main interest was in econometrics and that he needed stronger mathematical background. Therefore, he decided to study a master's degree in mathematical engineering.

After that he received a scholarship to work for Banco Santander in the IT department which included a master’s degree in data science, this sparked this curiosity for machine learning. He enrolled in some Kaggle competitions and started to learn more about data science on this own.

Finally, he decided to leave this position at the bank and study to get a civil servant position in the higher body of statisticians of Spain, in order to apply all knowledge acquired to what he considers a noble cause.


During the year 2021 he was developing R applications in methodology, especially the one that was presented for the  IAOS Young statisticians prize.

In 2022, he got a new role in Statistics Spain, and now he works as manager in the IT department. Hij tasks at the moment are more related with design of application and management of teams than developing.

Currently, most of his efforts are put in an application to store efficiently all files generated in Statistics Spain and connect them to the general administration.