WSC - ISI 2021

ISI 2021

The 63rd ISI World Statistics Congress 2021

This virtual  meeting will provide an amazing opportunity for both 1000s of first time attendees AND 1000s of previous WSC attendees to participate in an international celebration of statistics and data science.

What should you do now? Register for the WSC 2021 now. Next, go to your calendar and block out 11-16 July! Plan to attend the conference as if you were physically present. Arrange to meet your colleagues in virtual chat rooms after attending sessions. Can't wait to 'see' you there!

Special Invited Paper Session during the ISI WSC, 14 July 15.00-16.30

Effectiveness of the outreach of official statistics standards and guidelines, methodologies and recommendations to developing statistical systems

International comparable official statistics are built on a system of standardized procedures and classifications. Consequently an important aspect of capacity development in official statistics is the training, promotion and finally the use of standards as developed by the international statistical community. Due to a combination of factors the less developed systems are hardly able to roll out in a timely manner these standards, with all its effects on global comparable data. These factors are related to the unavailability of certain data sources, the lack of IT tools and skilled staff resources and, supposedly, also the failure to access the concentrated knowledge and the ineffective support in making this standards also their own. The objective of this session is to present modern opportunities like distance and participative learning procedures to support the outreach and roll out of standards in the developing statistical systems and confront these with the old formats. The session also aims to analyze the current shortcomings in the outreach and roll-out systems and to come forward with possible solutions. Finally, the session will also generate suggestions how journals like the Statistical Journal of the IAOS in the future can play a better role in this outreach and roll-out.

The session will contain presentations by Ivo Havinga (UNSD), on the role of standards and the procedures to achieve high quality standards, Steve MacFeely (UNCTAD) speaking about the standards as in use in business and trade statistics: Valerie Bizier (FAO) on the standards as in use in agricultural and fishery statistics and the role of regional and country organizations in adapting to the standards, regional differences; Lisa Bersales (Philippines) about the standards as in use in Social statistics and the capacity of national statistical organizations to adapt to the international standards. Hugues Kouadio finally will discuss the presentations from the viewpoint of how in education and training in official statistics, the curriculum on standards, problems of outreach of standards in reality looks.

Special Invited Paper Session